Property Appraisal

House & SignGet in touch with a member of the Advanced Lettings team who will be happy to advise you on the rental amount you can expect to receive for your property by completing an assessment of your property in the current market.

We have 3 levels of service available for you to choose from.  You will be given details of the services we can offer you and the fees we charge, allowing you to match a service to your needs and budget.

This initial discussion will be followed up with a comprehensive assessment of your property which will be undertaken by an experienced Advanced lettings representative in which all relevant issues will be discussed in greater detail with you.

Mortgage Consent

If your property is mortgaged or held as leasehold then you will need to obtain consent from the lender or freeholder before letting.  This type of information is normally detailed in your mortgage / lease documentation.  You will need to obtain all necessary consents before instructing us.

Leasehold Consent

If your property is leasehold, your headlease will state whether or not you require permission from your freeholder to sublet.  You should find that your lease will contain a clause indicating that you must obtain consent from your head leaseholder or freeholder.  Please discuss this with your Advanced Lettings representative.